Becoming a REALTOR

Real Estate can be a very lucrative endeavor.  Although it is not very challenging to become a real estate agent, many fail or quit within the first 3 years.

To be a successful real estate agent takes self discipline.  In the real estate industry, you will need to be a self starter. Most of the jobs in the real estate industry don’t require you to go into the office or even have a boss that you report to.  For many people, the lack of personal discipline keeps them from a successful job in real estate.  For others, that is exactly what they are looking for.

Threr are two main types of educational services as options for becoming a real estate agent.  You can take in class classes, with a live instructor, or you can take online real estate courses.  Both of which will get you the same credentials, it simply matter which way you feel most comfortable learning.

Agent vs. Broker

In most states, you must first become a real estate agent prior to becoming a real estate broker.  All agents work underneath a broker and the broker holds the majority of the responsibility.  For the most part, agents meet with clients, show homes, list houses, do valuations and most of the work.  The real estate broker oversees the agents and for that gets a cut of any commissions  earned.