Careers In Nursing

BSN stands for Bachelor of Science in nursing.  RN on the other hand, stands for registered nurse.

Currently, there are currently 2 kinds of RN degrees being offered by a variety of online colleges and physical universities inside of the US. It is possible to get an associate’s degree in nursing or even a bachelors degree of science in nursing.

An Associate’s degree can take approximately 2 years, from the time you start, to get your degree.  On the other hand,  a full bachelors of science in nursing takes a minimum of  4 years or more.

Both degrees –  Associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree,  require taking a certification test prior to being qualified as a registered nurse. In order to be registered as a professional RN, nursing students have to take and qualify the national Council licensure examination NCLEX-RN.

If you are interested in a career in nursing, we have online schools available.