Adult Schools See Major Increase In Enrollment

adult education

Increases In Enrollment Helps Everyone

Nationwide, adult education programs have been gaining steam, and many schools are offering new options.
Some online educational schools have seen tremendous increases in their enrollment. This comes at a strange time when we see ITT Tech, one of the largest Adult Educational Schools closing its doors.
With many adults choosing to return to some type of school, in an effort to better themselves, we are seeing record sign ups for on-line classes.
Although many of the schools in question offer in-class options, the surge in enrollment has been on the online side.

Keeping The Learning Spark Alive

New Regulations on Adult Learning

With the Federal Government laying down the hammer on many online schools nationwide, we do expect to see more schools fall by the wayside. We anticipate this to be a good thing, as many of the schools we anticipate closing have given adult learning a bad reputation. The schools that will survive are the schools truly providing quality education. Those schools should see an increase in enrollment as adults nationwide are looking for alternatives to better their life and livelihood.

The headmaster of one school was quoted as saying:

“Fall is always better than the winter session and we’re offering some free classes,”Copeland said. “We’ve added some new classes and always gain students with Microsoft Word, Computers for the Beginner, yoga, decorative painting, guitar, quilting, and small engine repair.”

Improving the Economy

With us moving through the presidential election season, we hear a lot about the ability for Americans to see wadge increases.  With the resurgence of adults signing up for schools, in a effort to better their lifestyle, we anticipate seeing higher wages overall.  This trend leads us to believe that regardless of who becomes our next President, we should see the incomes of many middle class individuals increase because of the increase in adults signing up for additional education.