Louisiana Real Estate CE For Realtors & Brokers

Annual Requirements For Real Estate Agents

The Louisiana Real Estate Commission, as well as other states, have a requirement for the number of Continuing Education Hours each Real Estate Agent must complete annually. The LREC requires twelve hours of continuing education for 2017.  RE SchoolOne of the four of the twelve hours be completed as part of the mandatory subject that the LREC designates.  The LREC can decide to have more than one mandatory course per year, but for 2017, it is only one four hour course for Real Estate Agents.

If the licensee does not complete the twelve hours, including the four hour mandatory in the State of Louisiana, they are not eligible to renew the license.  The licensee cannot perform any activities or sales as a licensee until the hours are completed.  A penalty is charged, set by the LREC for late renewal.

Mandatory 2017 Real Estate Agent Course

MandatoryThe LREC annual continuing education, for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers, is titled,  Insurance Awareness and Contract Timelines – 2017 Mandatory.  This course will be available online or in a live classroom setting.  Be very careful when registering for a course that it is titled as the 2017 Mandatory Course.

Will Post-License Course Count Toward My CE’s?

The LREC in accordance with Revised Statute 37:1437, states that each person obtaining an initial salesperson or broker real estate license must complete forty-five post-license education hours. This has to be completed within one hundred eighty days after the initial license date.  There is a distinct difference between post-license education and CE’s.

Post-license education is a one-time requirement, and CE’s are an annual requirement. The LREC has determined that post-license education hours may be used to satisfy eight of the required twelve hour’s of CE’s. However, post-license education will not satisfy the mandatory four hour CE topic set forth by the Commission.

Mandatory 2017 Broker Course

The four hour mandatory course for all Broker’s is 2017 Broker Responsibility.  This is new this year coming out of the LREC, and required by Associate and Individual Brokers.  This course may only be taken in a live classroom setting.REBroker  Broker’s are still required to take the four hour mandatory topic for Real Estate Agents as well, thus a total of eight hours of mandatory CE’s for the Broker & Associate Broker’s.  The local Board of Realtors as well as many Real Estate Schools will be offering this course throughout the year.

Ways To Obtain CE Credit

CE courses can be completed online or in a live classroom.  The only course that will not be offered online is the Mandatory Broker Course for 2017 by the LREC. Online EdMandatory courses must be completed through an approved real estate school or vendor by December 31, 2017, as part of the twelve hour CE requirement for license renewal.